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Updated August 2023

All players - Adult (including Academy players) and Age Grade (i.e. Junior, Midis or Minis) must pay an annual subscription to entitle you to train and play. Payment of your subscription automatically makes you a member of Ripon Rugby Club. Subscriptions are as follows:

• A Junior player is defined as being 17 or below on the 31st of August 2023
• All members have full voting rights and can apply for International Tickets except social members

Category A – Single Player/Club Membership – Junior/Senior – £100
Includes player plus spouse for senior and player plus parents for juniors
Forces, Student (University) & OAPs 50% reduction

Category B – Multi Player – Junior/Senior – Family Membership
Entitles all family members (Parents & Children)
Eldest Family Player - £100, 2nd Eldest Family Player £50, Additional Family Player £0 - Total payment £150
Forces Family 50% reduction

Category C – Social Membership – £50
Includes one person plus spouse

Category D – Patron Membership – £120
Entitles one person plus spouse
Invitation to special events

Membership of Ripon Rugby Club includes the following benefits for players and non players:-

Players R.F.U. insurance
A hot meal after each match for Age Grade players
Use of playing shirts for Under 13's upwards
Access to Ripon Rugby club physiotherapist for adult players
Unlimited use of Ripon Rugby club bar on Saturdays and Sundays during the rugby season (The licensing laws mean that if you are not a club member you can only drink at Ripon Rugby club bar 3 times a year)
Access to International tickets
Club voting rights
Use of club facilities for functions and meetings

If you have any membership queries please contact the Adult Section Membership Secretary Andy Binks

Children can join Ripon Rugby Club on their 6th Birthday and play in the Under 7's. Boys and girls play in mixed teams until Under 13's. Any girl who is 11 at midnight on 31st August can play in the U13's Girls team. Membership of the Age Grade section of Ripon Rugby Club continues for boys until Under 18's (Academy). Any boy who is 17 at midnight on the 31st August can play in the Age Grade section in the Under 18's. Boys on their 17th birthday can also on their 17th birthday play for the Adult section of Ripon Rugby Club provided that that they have the written consent of their parents/guardians and head coach within the structures of the RFU regulations


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