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3. Visiting Ripon Rugby Club

Remember this is your club so take pride in its appearance and make sure:-

•All muddy clothing & boots are removed before entering Ripon Rugby Clubhouse

•All sports bags & equipment are stored in the changing rooms and do not block exits

•The Changing rooms are left clean & tidy after use

•Food is only consumed in designated areas & plates etc. are cleared away

•Litter is not left on the rugby field or surrounding area


For safety and hygiene reasons dogs are only allowed on Ripon Rugby Club grounds if they are on a lead and are under control. Please ensure that you clean up after your dog. Dogs are allowed in the clubhouse if they are under control at all times.

Please do not park in the area marked for emergency vehicles. Unrestricted access must be available at all times to the emergency services. Please park responsibly. If the car park is full please park on Mallorie Park Drive, Studley Road or at the cricket ground. If you park on Studley Road there is a small path leading onto the pitches.

Please remember that Ripon Rugby club is situated in a residential area and you must not park cars in a way that will inconvenience our neighbours ie do not block residents access, obstruct driveways etc.

Cleaning and maintenance cost time and money so please help to keep Ripon Rugby Club to the standard that we require and that you expect.

•Remember that it is volunteers who have to clean up any mess!

**updated Nov 2018**